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Arcudi Energy operates its own propane storage terminal which provides our customers with the supply they need during times of peak demand. Propane can be used to power many home appliances efficiently and safely. We offer reliable propane delivery for your home heating, water heating, clothes drying, cooking, pool heating, and other home energy needs. Our technicians perform professional propane tank and heating system installations, and we offer services to our propane customers such as automatic fuel delivery and flexible fuel payment options.

Rural landscape with fresh green soy field. Soybean fieldPremium Heating Oil with Bioheat®

Arcudi Energy has its own oil storage terminal to provide our own heating oil supply for all our customers. We treat all of our home heating oil with environmentally-friendly Bioheat®. Bioheat® is a sustainable fuel made from renewable, home-grown vegetable oils that helps promote cleaner and more efficient heating system operation. We offer automatic delivery of this enhanced heating oil as well as budget plans, service plans, oil heating equipment installations, and much more for your oil heating requirements!


Off-Road Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

For your commercial or recreational fueling needs, we supply ultra-low sulfur off-road diesel at our convenient on-site fueling station. Whether you use diesel to fuel recreational vehicles, to power your generator, or to fuel your business equipment, be sure you are choosing a reliable fuel and fueling station! If your business requires the use of diesel fuel to operate industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, utility vehicles, or other equipment, you can depend on Arcudi Energy for a quality product at an affordable price.


On-Road Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

We also offer ultra-low sulfur on-road diesel for your commercial or personal transportation needs at our on-site fueling facility. Our high-quality, clean-burning diesel will fuel your business’s most important transportation vehicles and/or your personal diesel-fueled transportation vehicles efficiently and safely. Count on Arcudi Energy to provide you with quality diesel fuel products for your business and more!